Sylvia Butzke

Supervisory Board: Sylvia Butzke

In my professional life I gained extensive experience in eliciting change in organizations. Not just any change, but change that is meaningful to the organization and the people within it. That is because the change enhances the purpose of the organization and the value it can create and thus the engagement and motivation of its employees. You can achieve such change when people are working together, driven and inspired by a common goal, making use of each other’s strengths and helping each other on their weaknesses. Under such conditions people can solve the most complex problems and achieve the most unthinkable and inspiring results.

Inspire2Live is an organization where patient advocates each day do just that: contributing to solving the most complex problems and achieving the most inspiring results. I am honored to be a member of the supervisory board and to support Inspire2live in its ambition to get cancer under control and to lead happy and healthy life’s in harmony with cancer. To achieve this goal fundamental change to our health care system, the way we approach medical research, the usage of patient data, the pricing of drugs, etc. etc. is needed. Fundamental change requires uncompromised independency, original thinking and even activism. To get the change implemented in a sustainable way requires connection, comprehension and  interconnectedness with the current system and structures. I am committed to support Inspire2live in striking the right balance.