Mrunmayee Godbole

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Who am I

I am Mrunmayee and I am from India, having a background in dentistry and currently pursuing Masters in Health Economics and Management at the Erasmus University, Rotterdam. I obtained my bachelor degree in dentistry in India and practiced dentistry for 2 years. I was enthusiastic about participating in the Tobacco Cessation Counselling camps and programs and took active initiative in organizing dental hygiene and awareness camps for our less fortunate counterparts, for which I was also awarded with the ‘Intern of the year’ award by the Indian Health Professionals Society.


uring my tenure as a dentist, I encountered multiple oral carcinoma cases, India being one of the biggest consumers of smokeless tobacco. I was moved when I witnessed their pitiful battle through cancer and the limited accessibility and affordability to healthcare services. The impoverished villages of rural India are not only deprived of the healthcare facilities but are seldom aware of the facilities available. It is necessary to educate them about government policies and schemes, preventive measures to certain diseases, basic medications, the utility of the services and a wide array of treatments available. I look forward to contributing towards reinforcing the healthcare triad and extending my helping hand to the cancer victims.


My interests are in the field of oral cancers, post-cancer care and nutrition which is often underweighted, prevention of recurrence and personalized medicine.

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