Robert Greene, Founder and President of the HungerNdThirst Foundation. The foundation focuses on non-pharmacologic management of dysgeusia (distortion of the sense of taste), through education, collaboration, taste profiling, research and product development.

Robert is an ex-colon cancer patient and prostate cancer patient. As a ‘Professional Patient’, he advocates for a more patient centric approach within the health care and the clinical trials arena. He is a contributor for the Clinical Trials Arena –, which addresses the key challenges in the global clinical trial space. His articles focuses on Patient-Centric Clinical Trials.

He is a transnational partner in the Europe Social Funds Project 6303, and a returning panelist at the Outsourcing in Clinical Trials events. Since December 2014, he is an Ambassador for the Imerman Angels organization, an American-based organization focusing on one on one support for cancer patients, ex-cancer patients and caregivers.

t: +31 20 223 7502