Sabine Wernars

Sabine Wernars

I was born in 1965 in Leiden and I’m Living in Lemmer, the gate to Friesland. I became a Patient Advocate of Inspire2Live in November 2015.

April 2012 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After the operations and chemotherapy it was very important to me to get back to work as soon as possible. It was a big shock when I found my self without work after a few months. After more then 30 years as a workaholic, I had to find a new goal.

The new goal was to organise a breast cancer symposium in October 2015 – together with my sister Saskia Koopmans – with the name ‘The naked truth’. One of the main reasons to organise this symposium is to connect patients and medical staff and to fight the taboos of having cancer at home and at work. During this period I met Peter Kaptein and he told me about the mission and vision of Inspire2Live. A mission which is very similar of the one of our own Foundation named Stichting Jij Speelt de Hoofdrol. Stichting Jij Speelt de Hoofdrol organises the Breast Cancer Symposium and has initiated the Working Group on Cancer and Labor.

As a Patient Advocate I want to explore how to work on the taboo about work and cancer.

I’m always looking for my own goal in work as an ex breast cancer patient and want to combine my own knowledge with the work I can do with Jij Speelt de Hoofdrol en Inspire2Live.

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