Born and raised in Friesland, finished Communication Studies in Groningen and after that I graduated in 2008 at the Netherlands Film Academy in Amsterdam. I soon became a junior producer for the renowned Dutch documentary company Pieter van Huystee Film & TV.

In 2013 I started, together with Denis Wigman, the production company CTM Docs. We produced films like Refuge, Forget Me Not, Life Love & HIV and Made in Iran. Films that gives you food for thought, films that inspire, shock, motivate or reveal universal truth in individual human stories.

In 2014 I was diagnosed with leukemia and went to three years of chemo therapy. Two weeks after my last chemo in February 2017, unfortunately the leukemia came back. Three months later I received an allogeneic stem cell transplant and I’m very grateful to say I’m recovering very quickly.

During these past four intense years of my life, I developed some strong thoughts and ideas of how doctors and other care-professionals can improve the quality of life of cancer patients during and after the disease. Because I firmly believes in two heads are better than one, I decided to join Inspire2Live. What my focus will be within this organization will become more clear in the near future.