Richard Boucherie (1964)

Richard Boucherie (1964)

My goal is to bridge the gap between theory and practise for optimisation of logistical processes in healthcare in close collaboration between scientific researchers and healthcare professionals.

In 2003 my wife died shortly after being diagnosed with cancer. The medical part of the care she received was excellent. The human part of the care she received was a great support for us. However, the logistical processes that I observed during my very frequent visits to the hospital were far from optimal. Based on my expertise in mathematical optimisation of processes, I concluded that it would be a great contribution to the quality of care to improve on these processes. At that point, I decided to dedicate my expertise to improving the logistical processes in healthcare.

Optimising the logistical processes alleviates the work-pressure while the required care can still be delivered, so that the process is improved for both the patient and the care-giver. Optimising the logistical processes allows us to provide more care with the available resources.

Since 2003, my aim has been to optimise logistical processes in healthcare. In 2008, my colleague Erwin Hans and I founded the Center for Healthcare Operations Improvement & Research (CHOIR) of the University of Twente. Over the years we have conducted many research projects in collaboration with healthcare professionals. A large share of these projects resulted in practical improvements of logistical processes, amongst other on (rapid) diagnostics and complex appointment and diagnostics systems.

My aim is to improve the logistical processes in healthcare in close collaboration with healthcare professionals to provide more and better care for patients.