Peter den Ouden (1971)

Peter den Ouden (1971)

My diagnosis process took almost 2 years and made me aware of the immediate need to empower patients to get direct access to the best cancer care and get grip on their own health process. I was worried, lucky but so many are not.

I believe that everybody (independent of who you are, where you life and who you know) should have access to the best cancer care. This is not the reality right now which made me support the speed diagnosis program since 2013 and volunteer @i2L to help patients, doctors and researchers to improve innovation in cancer care.

We (Ilona and our 3 kids) life in Ouderkerk aan de Amstel and I developed innovative business concepts and managed meaningful change as an entrepreneur and manager for more than 15 years at the interface of business, finance and ICT for (international) corporates as well as for small and medium enterprises.

Right now I donate my talent and experience @i2L and participate in projects in the area of quality of care and innovation of the clinical practice. Don’t hesitate to contact me.

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