Ronald Brus is a trained physician and entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of myTomorrows.

myTomorrows facilitates early access to the latest drug innovations for patients with unmet needs, who are excluded from clinical trials.

Seriously ill patients are increasingly aware of the latest drug developments in their disease area. Sometimes patients can participate in clinical trials, but more often they cannot. For these patients and their physicians myTomorrows is building a bridge for drug developers.

myTomorrows was launched in April 2013 and operates in a growing number of European countries and is planning to expand to the US.

During this Inspire2live PA meeting, Ronald will engage in conversation and debate with us patient advocates. He will share with us; what his mission and motivation are, how he works and why? Ronald has a strong character and personality. The discussion promises to be deep and engaging. During this meeting patient advocates will have the opportunity to gather ideas with his experience.