Jan H.J. Hoeijmakers is a celebrated Dutch scientist and researcher, with a background in molecular biology, biochemistry and molecular genetics. His discovery of complex gene rearrangements and duplication-transposition of one gene copy to an expression site was one of the first genome rearrangements ever reported and provided the basis for a research line that still continues. In the past period of 10 years his team made many seminal contributions to the field of genome stability.

His work has a profound impact on understanding the molecular basis of ageing. Currently, one of his projects translates into important applications such as identification of biomarkers and compounds which are able to prevent or postpone many aging-related diseases, including cancer.

His team owns several patents in genome stability and the relation with aging. To accomplish these objectives that address the main medical challenges of developed societies he started in 2004 a spin-off company called ‘Dnage’.
The knowledge accumulated as the result of this work is of general significance for understanding the origin of carcinogenesis, genotoxicity, inborn disorders and the process of ageing and thereby is relevant for the major medical needs of developed societies.

In 2011, Jan Hoeijmakers (together with Bert Vogelstein) was awarded the Cancer Research Prize of the Charles Rudolph Brupbacher Stiftung (Zürich), for research on the role of genome stability on cancer and aging. Also in 2011, he was appointed KNAW Academy Professor as a lifetime achievement award. In 2013, Jan Hoeijmakers received knighthood in the Order of the Netherlands Lion.

As a regular participant and guest at Inspire2live congresses, Jan is well known amongst Inspire2live’s Patient Advocates, which will make for a lively and profound discussion at this PA meeting. At Inspire2live we are particularly interested to learn from Jan, what the latest findings of his team are, that will ultimately get cancer under control?