Patient Advocates at Inspire2live get together several times a year to discuss relevant issues in the health care system.

Leading figures in cancer care are invited to guest speak at the meeting, as the backdrop of our periodical discussions. Alongside our guest speaker, we reflect on the subject from the patients perspective.

The discussions, reflections and ideas shared during our PA meetings are different every time but always have an impact.

Sometimes it leads to immediate action to help implement ideas, sometimes PA insights help redirect the thoughts of our guests into becoming more effective in achieving their objectives, it may also lead to great alliances and working groups.

Most importantly these meetings are always an opportunity to bring patient advocates, researchers, clinicians, policy makers and other stakeholders in cancer care to engage and understand the true ways which will bring cancer under control.

PA Meeting 15 January 2018

We meet with Prof. Dr. Sieger Leenstra what the role is of tumoroids when looking at brain cancer and treatment decisions.

PA Meeting 13 November 2018

We meet with Inge Diepman and discuss Celgene’s Price Simulation: The Price is Right?

PA Meeting 24 May 2018

We meet with Professor Edwin Cuppen van de Hartwig Medical Foundation. You can read the presentations here: PA meeting Edwin Cuppen – intro DNA and PA- meeting Edwin Cuppen – main document

PA Meeting 30 January 2018

We meet with Ronald Brus from myTomorrows and talk about early access to the latest drug innovations for patients that are excluded from clinical trials

PA Meeting 12 October 2017

We meet with Jules Meijerink and our own Patient Advocate Tjebbe Tauber. They will present the results of what they have been able to find with data of children with Leukemia through a hackathon

PA Meeting 6 July 2017

We meet with Jan H.J. Hoeijmakers and are eager to learn what the latest findings of his team are, that will ultimately get cancer under control

PA Meeting 8 May 2017

We meet with Prof.dr. Hans Büller to discuss The Fair Pricing of Medicines

PA Meeting 16 February 2017

We meet with Ton Hanselaar to discuss how patients can take a more  important position in the healthcare system