Marisca Urbanus-Van den Honaard (1973)

Marisca Urbanus-Van den Honaard (1973)

It is a fact that more people get cancer. At a younger age.

In October 2016 I am proud to join Inspire2Live as Patient Advocate as I strongly believe in joining forces in the fight against cancer. This fight is not only about research and cancer treatment. This fight is also about living with cancer, or living after having cancer. Think about the patients who lose their job in the midst of their career or those who apply for insurances or mortgages.

In June 2010 I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 36. This diagnose had an enormous impact on all aspects of my life, especially on my career. Nevertheless, I redefined myself and it became the start of a new life with a clear goal: to improve the quality of health care for young cancer patients by creating awareness regarding cancer and work. With help of the Dutch Federation of Cancer Patient Organisations, I assisted developing guidelines for both patients and health care professionals. I co-created an e-learning for those with the ambition to become self-employed. And I shared my personal story in numerous interviews in the media, e.g.:

Then, I resigned from my job as I was exhausted of fighting my way back at work. I founded my own company in 2012. It made me a successful, independent Human Resource professional and organizational developer. In my opinion this is the best prove to both employers and employees, that cancer, or any other chronical disease, does not automatically mean your career is over.

But the mission is not ended, yet. Cancer and work must be added to the political agenda, as it shortly was in 2014. In reaching my goals I am not hesitant to use my personal experience as a former cancer patient, combined with my professionalism as an independent Human Resource professional. I am convinced, together with Inspire2Live we can make the difference. Or even better: we are the difference, as we are different.

In today’s life me and my husband are highly dedicated entrepreneurs. We strongly believe life is not about quantity. It is all about quality. And that fits exactly with the vision of Inspire2Live.