Ineke Schouwstra

Ineke Schouwstra

My name is Ineke Schouwstra (1963).  I am living in Amsterdam, legally educated and mother of 2 sons (1989 and 1990) and 1 daughter (1994).

Unfortunately, I have a long experience of cancer in my family: both my grandparents, two uncles, one aunt and a cousin died because of the disease. Moreover, several relatives of my children have been diagnosed, treated and/or passed away.

Most tragically was the death of Frans, my beloved soulmate and the father of my three children, in November 2014. He died at the age of 54 because of esophageal cancer. He loved and deserved life so much.

Too many (happy) lives are taken by this disease. That’s why I decided to join I2L.

My goal is to contribute to the quality of life of those diagnosed with cancer.  I participate in and focus on the concentration of high complex/low volume care for cancer patients. Especially for esophageal- and stomach cancer, but also for prostate cancer. Like all revolutions in history, it starts with actions of people. We are not helpless!

Similar to the improvement we have made in fighting AIDS I hope and believe that cancer can become a chronic disease we control.  By that time we will tell our grandchildren about the fight against cancer as part of their history instead of their present.