Henk Koopmans

Henk Koopmans

Accountant, Valuator & Entrepreneur since 1974, Financial architect, Innovation Specialist. Has been in charge of >100 merger, acquisitions & divestment transactions in IT & (IT + General) Services

Served as:

CEO and/or (Non) Executive Board member of a considerable number of corporations, both in The Netherlands and abroad (Europe & USA). Member of High Level Expert Groups of EU, considering various High Tech Issues (IT) in connection with Societal issues.

Active as:

President Advisory Board of Foundation Energy Transition Netherlands. Active member of NCD Foundation of Dutch Supervisory Board Members & Board Members-Ned. ver. van Commissarissen en Directeuren-. President Earth Foundation Scientific research about direction sensitive anti neutrino detection, Nuclear Power Plants Efficiency & Enforcement anti proliferation. Boardroom Sparring Partner for SME’s on technological/political/financial issues. The NCD Academy (postdoc training for non-executive Board Members) on technological developments in connection with societal evolution. Talks at Summits and workshops for a great variety of SME’s, Specialists, Scientists and Opinion leaders on same issues from a holistic perspective for EU, National Governments & Ministries’ of EU Member States as well as at European & USA Universities

Boardroom sparring partner for the (Non)Executive Board of Foundation “Jij speelt de Hoofdrol” (You are in the lead), taking care of (breast)-cancer patients interest, providing daily useful & applicable (medical)information, defending continuation of and/or getting back to work after surviving cancer.


Up to date interested in (Global) Politics, reading, (scientific) literature, magazines and blogs. Sailing, Horseback riding, Travelling, National Parks over the world

Cancer (experience):

Father (68) and 2 brothers (42 & 42) & 1 (56) sister passed away as a result of various cancers. Closely connected family members are actually (ex) cancer patients (1 sister + 1 sister in law). Personally, I survived rectum cancer during summer 2017, treated successfully. Actually I am taking part in a scientific program “Wait and See” chaired by Prof. Geraard Beets (AVL).

My motto is ‘Even if I know that the world is about to go tomorrow, I plant a tree today’, Maarten Luther.

I am eager to: Making my experience, know-how and network available for Inspire2Live.

Connect with me on LinkedIn or send me an email on henkakoopmans@feddefoeke.nl