Heleen Schuring-Blom (1957)

We all know we might have to deal with cancer during our lifetime, or another serious lifethreatening illness. You can become a patient yourself, or someone near to you can be confronted with it.

And so, it happened to me: I was diagnosed having breast cancer at the end of February 2014. Shortly after, I came into contact with Inspire2Live and I hope that as a Patient Advocate I will be able to contribute to the goal of bringing together scientists, medical professionals and patients. Joining forces in order to improve treatment and care, resulting in survival with acceptable quality of life and equal access to information and treatment. Communication and contact, in my opinion, are the keywords.

I have to choose my battles, which for 2014 will be first of all dealing with my cancer and treatment, but since I regard myself as an absolute teamplayer, I will try to participate as a PA the best I can.

I work as a Clinical Laboratory Geneticist and I think I will be able to use my professional as well as my personal network, knowledge and my energy to contribute to the goals of Inspire2Live.