In 2003 I was diagnosed with kidney cancer. As a child it was hard to comprehend the sudden change from school, friends and family to dealing with nurses, oncologists and everything surrounding cancer. I met friends along my journey that made it and a lot that did not make it. Being older now made me realise that there is nothing more I want to do than to have an impact on as much cancer patients as possible, especially children. Coming from a family and background where food is one of the most important things in life, it was a nighmare realising that during my chemotherapy nothing tasted the way it used to be. Now I want to help give patients a better eating experience with a more personal approach. I believe from my own personal experience that food can change the mood of the patient in a better way.

Currently I am employed by the HungerNdThirst foundation. We aim to come up with non-farmaceutical solutions fort he taste and scent alterations that pair with getting chemotherapy. We believe eating good and healthy food is not the only important thing, enjoying it is just as important.