Cancer will be under control before 2021. We see the immense knowledge that is already available and bound to be discovered soon. We realize that a sincere, persistent and efficient collaboration between patients, clinicians and researchers will make this happen. This is our focus.

Reducing Incidence / Prevention

  • We will make sure that the awareness and importance of a healthy lifestyle will be better understood by citizens.
  • We will improve a healthy lifestyle by promoting nonsmoking, healthy food, less alcohol, more exercise and a healthy weight. We will use evidence based information in our activities.
  • We will create a movement in society.

Innovation of the Clinical Practice

  • We will urge that scientific knowledge has to be brought faster from the laboratory to the patient.
  • We will inform patients that they have their own responsibility in participating in (fundamental) research. We will help doctors to communicate this issue well to their patients.
  • We have to change the publication culture and reward structure of scientific research.
  • Patients have the right to (access to) the best treatments.
  • Patient Advocates must be part of the Scientific Councils and decide on the research agenda.
  • We will improve the good use of blood, tissue and other relevant samples and data for research.
  • We will make it possible to find the right drugs and make them available.
  • We take care of Early Access to Drugs.
  • We break down barriers when it comes to making new drugs available.

Quality of Care

  • We will arrange that all patients have the right and access to the best care.
  • We will promote that patients will be treated in centers of excellence by the best doctors.
  • We insist on “making the right decisions” in hospitals.
  • Patients have their own responsibility for their recovery and health, during and after their treatments.
  • Not just patients will be made more literate. Also doctors have a long way to go. We provide.

Quality of Life

We provide a focus on living with a good quality of life (which can be with cancer) and not on the cancer.

  • You are not a cancer patient. You are Isabelle, mother of a child.
  • You are not a widow. You are Petra, not a widow of a diseased husband.
  • You are not a man with limitations. You are Maurice, friend of Peter

International Cooperation

  • We optimize research and stimulate international cooperation in research. Only the best research helps patients.
  • We will take care of knowledge sharing between patients from different countries.
  • We bring patients, clinicians and researchers together to speed up the process of getting cancer under control.
  • We provide innovation of all cancer care as fast as possible.
  • We break down the silos in research and healthcare.

The role of Patient Advocates

  • It’s about the awareness of what to work on for the Patient Advocates.
  • It’s about education of the patients and their doctors.
  • It’s about being the voice of the patient.
  • It’s about being the connection between patients, clinicians and researchers.
  • The Patient Advocate is involved in the decision making process in all matters of cancer care and access to cancer care.
  • The Patient Advocate is part of the decision making process of the cancer research agenda.