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The very first thing that was said to you in your college or university in the introduction lesson was: ‘Look to your left and look to your right. In one year time one of the people sitting next to you will no longer be here because he or she quit studying.’

One in three people will get cancer in their lifetime. In the Netherlands that is a total of about 110,000 people per year, 12 people per hour! People like you and me, with partners, children, parents, brothers, sisters and friends.

And the question is: who will still be here same time next year?

In the Netherlands twelve people per hour get cancer..

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Inspire2Live: patient’s first!

Inspire2Live stands up against hospitals that treat types of cancer they are not sufficiently equipped or experienced for, thereby losing the lives of some of the patients. Patient Advocates organize the providing of good and objective information about the right places for treatment of your specific tumor, so that patients and their general practitioners can make well informed choices. Inspire2Live calls to protest when medication is sold much more expensively and therefore is not available to everyone. The complexities of the medical world and its decision-making, the multitude of organizations, conflicts of interests and fragmentation of tasks and responsibilities; Inspire2Live puts them on the political agenda. Inspire2Live places doctors, insurance company’s, hospitals and others that talk abóut patients instead of tó them at one table together with the patients. It’s all about serving the primary goal: improving the quality of the life of patients with cancer and their loved ones.

Thát’s Inspire2Live, the Dutch Patient Advocacy group, with 35 Patient Advocates in the Netherlands and ten in other countries. Patient Advocates are well informed, highly educated people, often patients, often working in the medical sector. They commit themselves and others to stand up for the rights and wellbeing of all cancer patients. They also fight for measures to prevent cancer. Approximately 50% of cancer cases can be prevented. Patient Advocates are increasingly putting pressure on government to effectively address issues related to prevention, such as a ban on tobacco sales.

Adjusting current diagnostic methods is also a point of attention for Patient Advocates. There are more and more promising techniques based on genetics and immunology that can’t be applied within conventional pathology / diagnostics and in the development and application of medicines. Inspire2Live organizes multidisciplinary agreements and projects to force a break through.

Other examples have to do with lack of creativity regarding research. Inspire2Live has already managed to boost research successfully for a number of times. But also the sharing of knowledge, too little attention regarding aftercare, the organization of conferences and meetings and the writing of publications are items that are energetically taken on by Inspire2Live.

Your donation saves lives, it’s that simple …

Inspire2Live doesn’t accept funds from the industry or institutions that have a financial interest in patientcare. In this way we guarantee our independence and enable ourselves to collect scientific knowledge and facts to find the best solutions for cancer patients. Even if these solutions are (financially) less favorable for others.
Our Patient Advocates don’t receive a wage or allowances for their expenses. But for us to undertake the important and much-needed activities described above we do need money. With your donation you help Inspire2Live to build a solid and open organization in which Patient Advocates can be deployed to fight for the rights and care of cancer patients. We pay respect to all of the stakeholders, but we like to see patients first.

We kindly invite you to support us. Inspire2Live is an ANBI foundation, your donation is therefore tax deductible. Support is possible in various ways: annually, an annual amount for a period of five years or an infrequent donation.

Would you like to know more about Inspire2Live, read more about our concrete actions and successes, meet our patient advocates, view our financial reports or more? You find more information on this website.

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