One of the most important advices we got is to take the lead in forming scientific and medical networks from an objective patient perspective with the top institutes of the world. To emphasize the strong bond and dependency to reach our common objective we ask autonomous institutions to work together as a federation. And collaborate in an open, inspiring and transparent way.

Federation Mission

All Federation Members explicitely wish to join forces to set up a network of trusted parties that work together to achieve the Inspire2Live mission. For this to work all members have to go beyond national, institutional, personal, political and bureaucratic borders, scratching the limits of legal and regulation boundaries.

Our Members see this as a new challenge that needs to be conquered to be able to fulfill the Inspire2Live Mission. All Members collaborate in this new fashion to be able to:

  • Execute what is already known, but not published yet
  • Strengthen forces from the best-of-the best,
  • Get the gurus and experts to do what they are best at
  • Open and Transparant and ideas, vision, plans, progress and intermediary results
  • Not spill data, information and new knowledge – constituting either good or bad news
  • Be maximal efficient
  • Be maximal effective

All Federation Members will actively work together within the Inspire2Live projects within these principles.  They will meet regularly, communicating within the I2L principles and culture.

Each member denotes a key spokesman for the Inspire2Live Federation within their own institution. This key spokesman will upheld the Inspire2Live principles within the projects that are run within their institutions.

Federation Members

We have two types of Federation Members:

  • An Inspire2Live Federation Member (the Member) is an organization of institution that has decided to contribute to Inspire2Live, wants to be recognized as a member and will stipulate so by explicitly accepting this statement of Federation Principles.
  • A Discovery Network Institution (the Institution) is a Federation Member organization or institution that has decided to contribute to Inspire2Live, is recognized as a key member to the Discovery Network and will stipulate so by explicitly accepting this statement of Federation Principles.

All Members have agreed to participate and work together within the Inspire2Live projects to achieve the Inspire2Live Mission to the best of their ability.

Federation Working Principles

Better Discovery

In the Discovery Network brokerage of new ideas and techniques takes place, to be processed to closure so new treatments and new solutions for treating patients are found.

Better Observations

Inspire2Live and Members work together to facilitate and produce better observations from high quality data capturing and registration. This includes the use of state of the art tumour characterizations, imaging regimens and techniques, sequencing techniques, disease and drug models. All this to create better clinical and scientific reports and storage to repositories and matching biobanks.

Better Treatments

Within the Federation we work together to create new matches of these observations, treatments and networks to find new ways to get cancer under control.

Better Patients First from Bench to Bed

The Federation wishes to work from a purely patient focus and orientation and work together to have their results be studied in patients. Thereby bridging the gap between bench and bed in the most efficient way.

Better Connection and Sharing

All Inspire2Live Members work in an open and inspiring spirit and culture, working to enable data dissemination and data sharing in an as-early-as-possible fashion, within the constraints of national, legal, institutional and patient privacy regulations.

Intermediary results are communicated directly within the Inspire2Live Federation project team, in order to allow for maximal collaboration on new analysis, hypothesis and new innovative, creative ideas. They will also be communicated as soon as possible out to the public and scientific world, in order to allow for crowd sourcing new analysis, hypothesis and new innovative, creative ideas. All information produced is meant for sharing.

Confidentiality, non-disclosure and intellectual property rights cannot be claimed for work, data and knowledge produced within the Inspire2Live Federation projects without explicit, written consent from all Inspire2Live Federation project team members concerned. We believe that confidentiality, non-disclosure and intellectual property rights should only cater for fair protection and rewarding of added value achieved, should preferably be avoided but at least kept to a minimum and should not interfere with the Inspire2Live Mission.

Better Education

Inspire2Live and Members wish to stimulate education and participation of new, young, creative, cunning new scientists, physicians and clinicians and to facilitate them with high quality data from small and large scale institutions.

Better External Communications and PR

The Federation supports communications and public relations in order to stimulate and propagate the goals and results the Inspire2Live Mission, in order to achieve funding, international renowned presence and acquaintance.

Better Internal Communications and Reporting

We also set up and participate in a communication and monitoring scheme on the work that closely follows the practices, methods and technologies the Institutions have in place already, minimizing effort on effective and efficient communications on progress.

Foundation Public Relations And Publicity

We all have the right to initiate Public Relations initiatives from the progress of the work at hand, subject to the reasonable requests of Inspire2Live and/or other Members as the case may be and to applicable laws. The Parties in principal will adhere to each other Public Relation initiative requests, only prohibited by factual scientific and regulatory inhibitions and laws.

We closely cooperate with and hand their support to Public Relations initiatives in order to stimulate and propagate the goals and results of this endeavor, in order to achieve funding, international renowned presence and acquaintance.

Joining and Leaving

Inspire2Live Member organization will be recruited from or can be presented to the Inspire2Live board.

An organization or institution will become a Member by:

  • approval of the Inspire2Live Board; and
  • by signing our Foundation Principles; and
  • by assigning a Inspire2Live Federation key contact within the joining institution, having the mandate of the institution to uphold the Inspire2Live Foundation and Federation principles in the Inspire2Live Federation projects

Inspire2Live Members can denote leaving the Inspire2Live Federation by formally communicating this to the Inspire2Live Board, after finishing and untying all work and commitments agreed upon within any running Inspire2Live Federation project.