To achieve our goal to get cancer under control by 2021 the Inspire2live foundation spoke with top scientist in the physics, chemistry, biology, radiology and medical world. This resulted in our foundation working principles: global, overall guidelines we believe in and live by.

Foundation working principles

We and our partners work together in a network of clinicians and scientists, which supports the combination and sharing of ideas to reach the common goal: getting cancer under control within ten years. In the brokerage of new ideas and techniques takes place, to be processed to closure so new treatments and new solutions for treating patients are found.

We and our partners work together to facilitate and produce better observations from high quality data capturing and registration. For this we ask our partners to the use of state of the art tumour characterizations, imaging regimens and techniques, sequencing techniques, disease and drug models. All this to create better clinical and scientific reports and storage to repositories and matching biobanks.

We and our partners work together to create new matches of these observations, treatments and networks to find new ways to get cancer under control.

We and our partners wish to work from a purely patient focus and orientation and work together to have their results be studied in patients. Thereby bridging the gap between bench and bed in the most efficient way.

We and our partners will work in an open and inspiring spirit and culture, working to enable data dissemination and data sharing in an as-early-as-possible fashion, testing and challenging the constraints of national, legal, institutional and patient privacy regulations that are not in the interest of patients and progress. We will communicate results as soon as possible out to the public and scientific world, in order to allow for crowd sourcing new analysis, hypothesis and new innovative, creative ideas. All information produced is meant for sharing.

Confidentiality, non-disclosure and intellectual property rights may never interfere with our progress to our key goal. If at all applicable, requested or put forward they should only cater for fair protection and rewarding of added value achieved, nonetheless should preferably be avoided but at least kept to a minimum.

We and our partners wish to stimulate education and participation of new, young, creative, cunning new scientists, physicians and clinicians and to facilitate them with high quality data from small and large scale institutions.

We and our partners will both support communications and public relations in order to stimulate and propagate the goals and results of this endeavor, in order to achieve funding, international renowned presence and acquaintance.

We and our partners will set up a communication and monitoring scheme on the work that closely follows the practices, methods and technologies the institutions have in place already, minimizing effort on effective and efficient communications on progress. There will be a minimum level of communications, which will be defined in the working agreements.