Jean Kuit

Jean Kuit

Hi I am Jean Kuit. 48 years old and father / stepfather of six beautiful children. I live with Simone (a cancer survivor) and am the owner of Kèk Media and

I am also the founder of and thus greatly involved in everything that has to do with cancer.

I have a strong emotion when it comes to patients and their rights. It is unacceptable that politics was very liberal when euthanasia was involved, but when it comes to self-determination, with regard to the free choice of treatment and/or medication of patients, we run into a maze of regulation.

Why I’ve joined Inspire2Live: I do not believe in organizations that collect millions of euros and have their research driven into a direction that only suits big farma. I also do not believe in organizations who represent patients and only make them feel as patients. They are people who are in the midst of society and do not want to feel outcasts or ’special’.

Inspire2Live is a movement of people that inspires people to take action and supports them. Driven by pure motives and emotion, not-for-profit and with a clear purpose: ‘Patient First’. Their aim to bring together patients, doctors and scientists with a common goal (among others; ‘Here’s my data, share my data, use my data’) is what it’s about. Because we want to have breakthroughs, we must cooperate and treat cancer not shattered over various hospitals (without clear specialization) all over the country, but concentrated on a number of specialist teaching hospitals. That’s where I want to put my energy in.

What can you expect from me: 100% dedication and commitment of my knowledge and skills in terms of design and in addition the use of my network.

What can’t you expect from me: That I say Yes to everything 😉