(Erik) Coen van Veenendaal

(Erik) Coen van Veenendaal

It’s an honor for me to serve as a board member for Inspire2Live. In 2010 Peter Kapitein and I started Inspire2Live with the aim to change the way research is conducted. Our vision is that patients, scientists and clinicians truly work side by side on an equal basis with only one goal and that is to find the best therapies for patients in the shortest possible way.

I’ve been working in sales and marketing management for over 25 years and have helped many companies become successful. Today I want to use this knowledge to improve the way research is done out of love for everyone that is confronted with cancer.

Within Inspire2Live I’m involved in developing vision, creating new ideas and building bridges between patients, scientists, clinicians, institutions, foundations and companies. I love to explore new territories and develop seemingly ‘impossible’ ideas because I honestly believe that we can and should do much better in effective treatments for patients.

Nothing is impossible if we really set our minds and hearts to it.

Phone: +31 6 55 130 031

Email: coen.van.veenendaal@inspire2live.org

Website: www.coenvanveenendaal.nl

Twitter: Coen66

Facebook: www.facebook.com/eric.vanveenendaal